Sept full moon sky

Magic is in the air!

Last night’s full eclipse of the moon was so beautiful in such a strange way I experienced flashbacks of some recent sightings of MAGIC!  Yes, magic is in the air.

September promised to be a blockbuster with the last super moon of the year but on Peaks Island with a gaggle of friends, it was less than the predicted stellar show. Sweet but…

Sept supermoon

ho hum…While we were enjoying each others company, look what appeared!  We forgot all about the full moon. Watching these clouds line themselves up was also amazing! The end result at a moment in time.

Sept full moon sky

On a trip to western MA around the middle of September, I had a new experience that delighted me to no end.  It was crazy with strangely shaped rainbows popping in and out and around the sky. The sky was beautiful, changing and otherworldly. Some kind of magic was certainly in the air.  I still do not know what this phenomena is called. In my book, it is magic.

rainbow in the sky

All these sweet experiences are shining synchronicity with my personal experience, which fills me with deep, abiding peace.

New beginnings. Yum.

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